How many ski slopes in the USA boast a vertical drop of 1,000 feet (1k) or more?
ANS: About 175 give or take a few. [link to master plan] “Who cares?” some ask.
ANS: A good number of hard-nosed skiers. And I am one of those nuts!
So what?
ANS: First off, if you know someone who has skied all the 1k’s, let me know. WE’VE GOTTA TALK. Then join me as I wander along to ski them all! I’m off to a good start, having skied over 100 areas spanning many years. This is not a marathon. It’s gonna take a few more seasons.
What’s so special about 1,000 feet?
ANS: 1,000 feet (1k) is an arbitrary cut off, but its a good round number that necessitates a chair ride that provides just about the minimum time needed to become acquainted with the guy sharing the lift up. Swapping stories and meeting new friends are merely two of the residual joys of skiing.
Why should I care?
ANS: Vicarious joy. Plus we seek your input: thoughts, opinions, ideas knowledge and stories. There should be some amusing if not even amazing tales to be told. You can inquire and learn before skiing an area. We firmly feel time to be saved, new activities discovered and money saving tips unearthed.
Are you a snow snob?
ANS: No! I’ll ski anywhere. 1k or less, it makes no matter; anytime there’s snow, assuming the ride is “do-able”. (I have my “rock-skis” when the cover is light.) And I’m always looking for fellow addicts to ski with. Come join me when I’m in your area. “Ski with me” or simply look for me  at the watering hole after the lifts close. “Snob”?-No! … “Bum”?…Very likely!

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