It’s all About Me

Yea, so … maybe I’m realizing, it’s not all about me. (But my wife says, “No! He haven’t learned that yet.”) But if nothing else. it might be an intriguing title – one to engage attention, and lure you further toward active participation.

What I have, I give to you, the reader (or better stated “my subscriber”, or best of all “our active participants”) I hope you find: an interesting amusing  string of dialog, a source of ideas, suggestions and picks, a forum for information, plus some good deals.  I’ll strive to make my enthusiasm contagious. But, I need your help and assistance.

Sure donations would be handy and dandy, but gret real!  I live in the rational world. What I more reasonably seek is your input, ideas, suggestions, experiences, knowledge, opinions and participation.

And of course, I extend an invitation: “Come, Ski With Me!”

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