What’s a “1K”?
One thousand feet (1,000′) of vertical rise (or drop, depending on how you approach it.)

What is the difference between “vertical” and “elevation”?
Vertical measures the distance from the top of the lift to the base lodge.
Elevation measures the total height of the mountain peak in relation to sea level or 0 feet.

Why 1K?
It’s a nice round number.
It neatly separates the hills from the mountains.
Most of the full resorts are situated on these larger mountains
It’s about the minimum elevation that justifies a high speed lift.
Lifts serving 1K mountains allow just about enough time to meet new friends on the ride up.
There are just too many smaller, local areas. I don’t think I can ski them all. (But it’ll be fun trying)”

How many ski areas operate in the United States?
481 last season

How many in the lower 48?
471 (Alaska has 10)

How many are 1K?
176 or so as they close, reopen, open anew or combine.

Are there any “near misses”?
Yes , several. (Link to post)

Where do you stand, or what’s the score?
103 at the start of the 15-16 season

How long have you been at it?
Wow. I guess when I started skiing over 50 years ago. I thought about it in the 80’s, and got serious in 2011.

When do you figure you’ll be done?
My goal is 2025. I’ll be 80 years young in that year.

How many states have ski areas?
35 in the lower 48. 36 with Alaska. And yes Hawaii can be considered to be the 37th. Canada has 10 provinces/territories.

Why should anyone care about or follow your quest?
I hope

How many states have at least 1K?
22 in the lower 48. Alaska takes us to 23.

How many of the 1K states have you skied in?
21. All but North Carolina and Alaska. (been to both, but the areas were closed.)

How many of the 1K states have you skied completed?
Four: PA, NJ, CO, & AZ. (I’ve not even completed my home state, NY!)

What is the story about those lower hills, the smaller areas that are less than 1K?

I love them all. I wish I could ski every one of them. But I suspect I won’tr have the funds or the time. So note some of my observations on these slopes by connecting to post.

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