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Master Plan: A Ring of Circles
How I ‘ll Do It (part 2):

So what is the “ring of circles”? It THE collection of excursions that will take me to all the areas/resorts in the lower 48. It is THE general plan for fruition. It’s how I plan to achieve my goal. Recall it’s the number of areas compared to the total days of travel expressed as a ratio like12/14 means  twelve days of skiing in 14 days of travel (ideally allowing for post-partum “bonus” days pursuant of levity, frivolity, new friends, new experiences).

At the risk of boring everyone, we can analyze the efficiency of every circle, every trip. If we divide the days skiing b those traveling the “coefficient of efficacy” results. Observe: “1” is perfection. A declining decimal is a reflection, hence a measurement of inefficiency. But lastly remember, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Numbers may not lie, but statistics can be manipulated, and you can’t impute emotions into logic. You can’t quantify the “frivolity factor”.

Considering snow or lack there of, it’s wise to plan an Eastern circle and a Western circle for each ski season. I should do two circle routes each year foe the next three seasons to stay on schedule. If the weather permits, I prefer to work both side of the continent each year. And fortunately I do family and plenty of friends on either side of the Mississippi.

So, I’m eying up a New Hampshire and Maine route using Boston as my anchor. 7 in NH, 6 in ME all accessible in an almost direct line circling the Black Mountains separating the two states. And on the way to Boston there are 4 areas in the Berkshire range of Massachusetts as well as 4 in the NY Catskills region. Again all on the way, perhaps on the ride home.

And then there’s Los Angeles. You got it, “Hooray Hollywood” has 1K areas within a short drive. Ski in the morning and surf or golf in the afternoon. 7 areas without “doubling up” with an extension to pick up the central state, Sierra Nevada areas I haven’t hit yet. It all depends on when the snow comes and how well it covers. My concern for snow urges an ever watchful eye on snow starved areas so as to strike while the iron is ho tor more précises after the snow falls.

And just in case, there is the Spokane anchor that does encompass up to 25 plus areas in three states (OR,WA and the ID panhandle. But this super inclusive plan is best reckoned for late season since the coverage for this Northwest region is best in March.

Prepare for both east and west trips and stand ready to move according.

There’s nothing I won’t ski. Come Ski with me!

[Link to 15-16  western circle plans]   [Link to 15-16 eastern circle plans]