Imminently Ahead

Imminently Ahead: The Next Circles

The example of the “cobbler’s shoeless children” is oft exuded. And yes, it applies to my list, my bucket list. New York, my home state is a long way from being closed out. There are four regions within NY, but one the Catskill Mountains sticks out as my sore thumb. There are technically four, but officially trule five 1K areas to I must visit. Hunter, Belleayre, Plattekill, and Wyndham are indeed nestled neatly in the Catskill Range. But Catamount literally rests across the slow flowing Hudson River nestled in the Taconic Mountain range.

Allow me to jump at this point to Massachusetts because there are four untouched 1k mountains in this, the Bay State. The slopes of the Berkshire Mountains akin to the five NY areas I listed above.  Here’s what these nine mountains have in common: All are just a short shunt off the I-90. More readily identified by locals as the NYS “Thruway” and the “Mass Pike”, this major east-west artery effectively and efficiently links Buffalo and Boston before stretching to the West Coast.

Conveniently, Boston is the residence of my #2 daughter and her family. plus it will serve as my hub city for a circle run about NH and ME. . So with just about 15 minutes (one way) of the oft-traveled I-90, I can explore any of these resorts for a day be it coming or going.

And there is Titus Mountain on the far north of the Adirondack chain sits isolated and requires a long drive to notch my score. In mapping out m plans, I have lumped Titus in a small circle route with my three Vermont must-do’s: Smugglers Notch, Bolton Valley, and Burke, SO itrs conceivable this circle route might close out two of the Greatest States for skiing: NY & VT!

Thus returning home to my stte NY, there are still six 1k’s left in my own back yard. Be not mistaken, all these areas are a decent drive, taking themselves beyond the term “day-tripper”.

Regarding more “pain-in-the posterior” areas, Sandia Peak in New Mexico for example. Been there, but haven’t done it. Sandia seldom gets the necessary good dump, nor does it hold for long after it finally comes. I hope to stop at South Dakota’s one and only 1K en route to the West where I’ll knock off my last unvisited Utah resort of Cherry Peak ( new area!)

The numerous Montana, southern Idaho slopes I have mapped out for one last and final great circle route. It could encompass well over thirty areas, or it might better be broken up to be taken in two more digestible loops. There are lots of National Parks and history awaiting me out west. By then my wife Carolyn will be retired and could be at my side..

Ambitious? Perhaps, but doable. I have to do it. They are there.

Come, Ski With Me!

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