Beyond & Above

Beyond & Above: What lies beyond?

Then if I’m still alive and kickin’, there is Alaska. Yea I’ve visited AK, Aleleska to be exact, but believe it not there was no snow; totally closed. But I rode to the summit and stopped at the base pub to find a $10 bill a friend pinned to the ceiling years before. Yes, it was there but it took hours to locate and several rounds of brews and a ream of fellow travelers to search the hundreds if not thousands that are pinned up there. I’ve got a friend whom I trust still patrols there and if he’s not started guiding his sea kayaks around Glacier Bay, I trust I’ll return some day to ski. Who can’t love Alaska?

And there are so many communireas, small but so family-friendly areas I’d love to visit. But realize there are 37 states with a total count of over 450 areas. I think it’s just too much for one man in one lifetime. But I can pass on delightfully trying.

I’ve been blessed to ski many Canadian resorts and love every one of them. But please, one step at a time: the lower 48 is my goal. then maybe all the U.S. North America includes Canada and all those neat slopes than 1K. We’ll have to see if all this can be done. There are ten provinces/territories  offering ski slopes in Canada for a total of 71 areas. But many of these are not 1K. I simply don’t have the breakdown at this time.

Come, Ski With Me! (after I rest a spell.)

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