Plan, Purpose, Steps

Gotta purpose, getta plan, step by step

  • Consult the database
  • Study the map; the U.S. map : (Old school foldouts prints are still my opening bid, and I’m still a AAA member!)

As I survey the landscape from the summit, let’s recognize the dichotomy: There’s Eastern skiing, and there’s Western skiing. There’s a difference and it’s significant.  But form our peak position we see a clear divide the lower 48. The Mississippi River delineates The East from the Western Sski states.  Some use the terms  the “Rockies” or the “Alleghenies”.

  • Lump the freshies  or focus on a market marker state to begin the process.
  • Add ALL points of interest: such as hotels, restaurants, museums, historic sites, ancillary activities
  • Draw a mental ring to encircle
  • Determine the hub city

When setting up circle routes, it helps to think in regions: The Northwest, Southwest, Central Rockies, New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and the Midwest. Then again I often single out the market maker states those that sport ten or more 1k’s. Now central in great circles is the anchor city, the the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  I’ll often fly in or when times allows, it’s occasionally a drive in. But no matter it’s a all about motoring when I launch into orbit.

“Mapping the mountains to Conquer the K’s”

  • Engage Google Maps to fine tune all the requisite points of interest. Drag ‘n drop; shif ‘n jive to optimize time ‘n distance

Use either the area name or enter the address usually posted on their website. Political maps that feature states with their boundaries and internal town lines can be deceptive or distortive of actual road mileage. By Google allows dragging and dropping to alter and amend at ease all with extreme precision. Thje latest update of Maps  seems to limit the total stops to 10, so I save and restart and then combine.

  • Drag, drop, amen. modify, test and test ’til all is well

hints, suggestions and rules-of thumb:

  • My general rule is “Ski all day, drive après
  • Look for accommodations central in a cluster of areas to fan out thus reducing or avoiding time consuming, pain in the butt room shifts.
  • Allow flex time, elastic days that provide spontaneous opportunities to expand and explore.
  • Hang loose; take it all in; make the most of it;  enjoy life. It’s all about ambling and rambling.

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