My Dream

My Vision:

I’m off across the country to visit, to experience and to review every ski area boasting 1,000 feet or more in vertical rise (1K) within the lower 48, the continental states of America.  The objective was years in formation; even more years to launch. But now I’ve got a leg is up. I’m past the halfway point: 103 of 176. Yet it will take a few more years to complete. But the sunny side is: It’s all down hill from here.

My Support:

  • Steve, a never-ever (a non-skier), a prior partner, present associate and friend, author, and “somewhat-geek”, continues to encourage and enable the plan.
  • My good friend and inspirational mentor, John created the data base. Both he and his creation serve as the pneuma of the project, the crux of the plan.
  • Caleb and his crew, true geeks, compatriots (but riders all – we’ve gotta forgive ‘m they’re young!), assist, inspire, advise, aid and abed the plan in all ways.
  • Amanda and company lends understanding, inspiration but most importantly creative, innovative, technical knowledge

My Plan:

I mapped out “great circle routes” to reach all the remaining “freshies”, those areas that await my arrival. It’s a full, but not a final plan.
My exact schedule is a function of weather, time, information and funds. The plan is “down on paper”, but remains “up  in the air”. Uh, that’s “subject to change” as well as “mountain high”.

My Purpose: My Why:

Edmund Hillary, the first to peak Mt Everest, answered when queried, “Why?” responded  … “Because it’s there.” In more or less like fashion, I add echo and add, “Because, it’s challenge!”
And then the infamous convict Willie Sutton replied when asked why he robbed banks, “That’s where the money is.” In a similar vein, I add, “That’s where the fun is!”

Your Invitation:

So embrace my vision, critique my plans and follow my escapes. Join me in spirit. Join me virtually. Or literally tie up with me at the slopes. Support, enable, encourage and believe!

Come, Ski With Me!

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