Adjustable Boots

Facts of Life:
Boots are fundamental to skiing. Perhaps as  important as the skis themselves.
Children’s feet grow.
Children’s feet grow non-stop.
Children’s boots usually don’t last the season.
Boots are expensive.
Children are expensive.

A new option is available: Adjustable boots
Introduced for the 14-15 season, the IDEA 6-in-1 junior adjustable ski boots is proven and now available for the ’15-16 ski season.

I was skeptical, but my son, Erik is:

  1. an engineer
  2. intrepid in some ways (especially when it involves saving money.
  3. Willing to try new things (particularly when someone else does the experimentation.

The Roces “6-in-1” children’s ski boots had positive reviews. Virtually all owners expressed  they are literally 100%  satisfaction. So the Nashville household gave them a try. And not just one. Both kids made the plunge. And the stats remain the name. We are very pleased so far.

Roces reaches the 6X adjustment by making the foot plate expandable. The heal adjusted to allow for three sizes,. Certainly more than any child’s foot will grow in any one ski season. So it’s likely the boots will serves for multiple seasons.

The adjustment was simple, fast and easy even for a grandfather who is not an engineer. My only suggestion is “Make the printing larger so we “cue tips” (another name for silver-haired seniors) can read it without needing a magnifying glass.

A second adjustment is available for the boot’s back height. I question it’s effectiveness, but a high boot back is my preference, so I set it at the max. It’s kind of cheesy, and I feel it exists just to make the presentation of more sexy and alluring. After all, the “6 x 1″ label is more appealing than a ” 3 x 1″. But I still give them credit and rate it as effective. Kudos. Roce!

Now note too, it comes in colors, so my “forever-pink” grand daughter can maintain her monochromatic color scheme” “pink on pink”.

Renting is still an option to consider

There are advantages to the casual skier, the distance vacationer and the parent of growing children. And that’s a different story

So now that the children are set …   Come, Ski With Me1

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