Bogus Basin ’16

Well here’s one for the books: My oldest son skied this great “little” area and recommended it too me long before I finally found it. But find it I eventually did, and I love it!

Bogus Basin is spread out over a 2,600 acres! (making it “little known”, rather than  mall.)Like so many of the Idaho mountains, the claim to fame here is the family orientation. Bogus boasts 1,800 feet vertical operating  two quads, one triple and four double chairs.

The only item disqualifying it from “resort” status is the lack of on-site or base-housing with the accompanying night life. But Boise is a short, scenic 12 mile dive. And the Boise airport is only 18 miles from the slopes. Additionally BOI is served by Southwest airlines, which as of this writing is still the only airline skiers should use. SW does not charge for luggage, and for a skiing family those “sneaky” fees can approach an additional cost of $800.

In addition to numerous hotels, Boise has a life, as in the term “night-life”. It is an important aspect to consider, because with no accommodations the Bogus Basin après is just that, “bogus” or better expressed as brief and limited. Of course they have a good restaurant, a great sun deck and plenty of liquid refreshments, but all these rapidly vacate

soon after sun set. But man, is there good skiing? You betcha! And there are no crowds – on the week-days that is. Bogus is likely one of the closest areas to a major city!

But a rental car is an importance. True there is also daily bus service to the base, but considering meals and other après interests, a car goes above and beyond convenience. It is a necessity. The ride up to Bogus was relatively short, but the twisting road with it’s innumerable turns and switch backs made for slow driving. But it was picturesque and enjoyable.

Reminiscent of my prior day’s stop at Brundage, Bogus is very similar. They have a generous sundeck, there are no crowds, the snow is tremendous, the patrons and staff are relaxed and friendly, and the terrain is as varied as it is challenging.

Somewhat rare in the west, Bogus basin offers night skiing. Another feature attributable to the urban proximity, nigh skiing expands the opportunities of skier to the city folk bound by their careers and work. But it also opens the doors of our vast school systems. Start ‘m at an early age, and when they’re old they wouldn’t depart from the way.

Maybe I was tired, or maybe the characters were all taking a day off, But I as skied the back side in search of narrow trails, tree skiing and  tight gullies, I small-talked with the lift attendants, but stuck up no deep discussions with any ardent devotees or new cronies. No tantalizing tales to retell this day.  Simply a fine day on the hill.

My one concern for the day was not finding myself marooned at the base of one of the backside lifts which close a half hour earlier than the main quad stemming from the base lodge. An unwarranted concern I’m sure, but once burned twice shy, It has happened in my career, but that was years ago in another century and on a different continent for that matter!

Now with my visit, it was late season, The school programs I’m confident were long over. And the area buttoned up tight just after the last lift shut down at 4:00 PM. So I enjoyed a can or two from my private stash, alone on the hardscape deck in the warm brilliant sun after the lifts closed. And no one cared or even came by. I was left to my own thoughts, bathing in the rays and thankful for all my blessings, God is good!

The ride down was much more scenic than the way up. Vistas of Boise were ever visable. I found myself in a race with a cyclist who had obviously pedaled up this distance after work, and was now wearing out his brakes as he simply coasted down. And all this after a day at the office? Oh, to be young again, or at least in shape.

The city appeared suddenly. And I was nor only in Boise, but here at the re-birth of spring. It was so neat to be up to my ears in snow and one hour later after a neat ride down, be drinking in all the colors of spring. Now Boise is a “new” city, pooping up in this high desert west and clearly unlike my rust-belt, (maybe rust bucket) home town. But don’t get me wrong, I love Buffalo. And it’s commin’ back! Just as soon as the Bills win the Super-Bowl!

I returned supped at a fast food close to the motel, took a long shower, and retired early in anticipation of a big next day at Sun Valley.

Come, SkiWithMe!

(This is 6th in my “Idaho Odyssey ‘16” excursion, following my Gone South trip earlier in ’15- 16)
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