Client Retention

Client retention is a function of client conversion. It is repeat business. It is a relationship rather than a simple transaction.

And repeat business reduces the time and expense of an entirely new cycle of prospect nurturing.

  1. Repeat business is more profitable even if the purchase price remains the same.
  2. Repeat business is a function of customer satisfaction as well as comfort.

The person who has the most contact time with your Resort customers is the professional instructor. It stands to reason the instructor is the most valuable ingredient in your sales process!

SkiWithme is a program that

  1. Strengthens and supports your instructors
  2. Develops the careers of your instructors
  3. Elevates the role of your instructors
  4. Produces an engaged client
  5. Assists in converting clients into loyal customers, avid supporters and enthusiastic promoters.
  6. Serves your bottom line.

SWM is a program that generates leads, facilitates the sales process, and produces loyal followers. The SWM process is build around your professional instructors.

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