Drive, Fly or Both?

It’s all about time. If it’s a one day fling, or a couple days away both a best served by car. It’s a get-away of escape usually on short notice or spur of the moment that can only be done by jumping behind the wheel. And there’s more freedom and mobility. Let’s face it, road trips also keep better control over costs.

But time is of the essence, and information is king. So get updates and advice through the SkiWithMe app, and call your instructor/coach/ concierge for local information, updates and advice. Talk to the mountain!


But greater distances, for wider experiences and immersion vacations call for by air service, and necessitate additional planning. Here again, time is major factor, and local connections become even me useful. Airport local and service are vital, but even the best resorts still require transfers to the slopes.

Car rentals are unnecessary and even cumbersome if you stay slope close and are content to ski the whole time snuggled in at your resort. The best of resorts offer transfers by limo, van or deluxe coaches that can even meet your group at the arrivzl gate and whisk you directly to your accommodations at the base or near-by villages.

But then there are those “wanderers” and “explorers” and ski bums who relish the variety of other close-by mountains and slopes.  Any and all of these “gypsies” require rental cars.


But there are other considerations that can cave time, reduce expenses and increase the vacation experience.  Direct flights or one stop connections are critical and elapsed travel times are critical.  And if you have a choice of local, departure points, choosing the least congested point od departure make add time and convenience to the front and back ends of the trip. For example compare Islip to JFK, LGA or EWR!

Then there is Ski Equipment -to pack or rent- is another important consideration. Baggage fees can be costly, but even more importantly, consider the cumber and cost of lugging around and storing all the gear.  Why not leave it to your “Concierge Coach to arrange and ensue the best of equipment to await you at the base?

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