Rent or Buy?

Basics: Ski boots & poles: Rent or Buy?

OK, so there exists more “equipment”. But, let’s face it. When it comes to clothing, ski “duds” are skiek and fashionable. You want to buy according to your tastes and means. And ski clothes can be worn almost anywhere.

And additional equipment is so individualized it’s almost geekish. Buy to own and you’ll not only be happy, but you’ll save time ’cause no one rents to geeks anyway!

The advantages of renting equipment
The equipment is usually new or at least very well maintained
Sharp edges are vital especially in hard-pack and ice
A variety of makes and models can be experienced and tested.
Try before you buy.
Vastly different snow conditions can be easily accounted for and adjusted to..
On ski trips, the packing and porting of buky equipmentis significantly reduced,

Disadvantages: Renting equipment is a concideration to be studied.
Renting equipment costs more money
Renting requires time,
Renting precludes super fine, individual tuning (which is actually another benefit to the infrequent.)

Rent for the season
To control costs consider renting for the season. Most stores will allow adjustment rights which allows you to exchange equipment as the children grows or even advances rapidly in skill.
But inquire before signing. It’s far less painful to ask instead of beg.

Plan ahead. Get your stuff.
And , Come, Ski With Me!

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