Get there: Means/modes

Trains, Boats and Planes: Get’n By Hook or by Crook

Ya gotta get there to enjoy the mountains and snow. So there is a lot of planning, preparation, packing and positioning to be done in advance. Our destination, time span, finances are all predetermined factors that allow us decide and determine in advance. Snow coverage and weather are factors beyond our control, but alternate plans can be made to ameliorate.

Auto remain my pick, my choice, preference regardless of time and distance, But remember, I am the exception, the odd-man-out.  Yet cars are a necessary factor in almost all trips. Day-trips generally self-evident. They’re always by car. The exception is the more distant pre-packaged group tour and inclusive resorts. Both often provide airport transfers. Even then proximity to the lifts must be considered.

Analyze the package carefully. When traveling as a family or bevy of buddies, it can be advantageous to rent a car, calculating the cost per head. If you can reduce the package price by dropping the transfers, there could be other benefits, But let’s weigh all considerations:

  • You have more flexibility.
  • You have more freedom.
  • You have greater independence.
  • And let’s recall, it could be a savings.
  • Ski racks can be useful but expensive.
  • Vans are possible in at most airports
  • Coupons work well.
  • Book in advance.
  • Remember the cost of gas
  • You’re on your own
  • Allow room
  • remember equipment takes space
  • Rental “add-ons” are a rip off. Don’t bite!


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