Glenwood Acres

A local area out of the “past” of WNY (Western New York). It was absorbed into it’s arch competitor Kissing Bridge or KB.

Glenwood Acres was the “papa” modern ski areas in WNY. It was the closest (OK, it was immediately north, adjacent to KB, but technically closer or closest) to Buffalo and the suburban schools which were rapidly offering “ski clubs” to advance the latest sports rage of the post-war late ’50’s.  It’s of interest too that skiing never became a competitive sport in public schools, isn’t it? The issue of danger or insurance is still floated when thus subject arises, but I have to muse, “What about the “Rifle Teams” that most of the suburban schools endorsed at that time. AND talk about politically incorrect!

The founder of Glenwood Acres was … Chrone. I have the fortune of bumping into his son in my wanders … More to come

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