Better Together

God created humans as social animals. Humans were created for community, for sharing, cooperating and moving forward together.
We are born with an innate desire for relations. Why fight it? Life and skiing are “better together”.
Nothing beats traveling with a group of like-minded companions… sharing discoveries, experiences, then photos, stories and lasting impressions… trade information, study opportunities, make new friends and lasting memories; solidify established bonds, Heck, I even fell in love on my first over-seas expedition to ski Austria.
Elementary arithmetic teaches us 3 plus 4 equals 6. But by applying higher math increases the results . Multiplying 3×3 gives us 9; Yet exponentially 3 cubed results in 27. Are we getting the picture? Working, traveling and skiing together increases the fun.
But planning such experiences can be daunting working together improves the knowledge base while reducing the research and study time. Add in a skilled concierge or expert agent and we’re really flying.
No one expects everyone to hold hands as you head down the slopes, and you one says you can’t explore on your own. But only a fool skies the triple blacks alone, of goes solo off piste. Everyone has to fall sometime, and that’s often when you’re grateful for you buddy and companions.
After hours and fellowship are synonymous. What else can be said – other than fellows can not only wind you up but even hold down the lid if and when necessary.
Group travel usually produces more advantageous pricing. A charter with the University of Buffalo is my testimonial to advantageous pricing. UNBELIEVABLE! Although that was a different era, uh… a another century … that principle remains the same. I’ve participated in innumerable group excursions most of which I knew only one or a couple of other participants, yet always had fun at an advantage price. I’ve organized and operated even more, I my wife will attest. Group organizers work their bums off to chisel the price down and stuff in the extras and unusuals. It’s a work of love that approaches an obsession.
But one more thought: better accommodations, or more activities but most likely, all of the above. Which sounds better: a hotel room, or a condominium with multiple rooms and a fireplace? A week of hit-or-miss exploration or a guided tour with a knowledgeable local? Hiking to the untracked or transported to the hidden couloirs via snow-cat or even helicopter with perhaps a lunch included or wine tasting after.
Hey, it’s my memories as well as yours! Come. Ski with Me!

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