View from the Summit

Worldview: It’s in “how” we look at life

The peak of any mountain offers impressive views. At the top we have an opportunity to see the big picture. We can see in all directions. The view is majestic, awesome, inspiring.

On the summit we’re at the top of our game. Life looks good. Life is good.

Some might choose to remain forever if they could.  These individuals would be thinking, “It can be only down from here” fully inferring conditions go down i.e. turn negative.

From this peak, others can hardly wait to begin the exciting plunge forward. Yes, for certain people, “It’s all down hill from here! It’s exhilarating! It’s easy going! It’s exciting! I agree. Heck,speed is great as so long as we remain upright!

I look at it this way: Gravity is the skiers’ ally and friend. Isn’t it great when we’re flowing in accord with nature and nature’s God? It’s tough to get lost. (Yea, I’ve managed to do it! But it’s best another story.) but essentially all we need do is point down hill and head the base lodge, a metaphor of “home”.

The base lodge analogous to home, where our family resides, rests, recharges, socializes and learns. It’s a place of security. comfort and joy. It’s warm and receiving and the hearth is always aglow with warm coals and plenty of light (imputing wisdom, understanding. meaning and purpose.

Lessons in life:

  • Worldview is vital. Our view of the “big picture” forms our attitude and shapes our values.
  • It is so helpful to have a plan and a purpose.
  • Values place worth in our lives, intensify meaning and steer our decisions.
  • Attitudes bridge our values with our behavior. Behavior is are largely a function of values, but in reverse behavior can reinforce our values. It can work like a virtuous spiral leading back up’
  • Ethics is a complex concept but let’s associate it closely with behavior.
  • So full circle in this bunny trial: Attitudes, values, behavior and ethics define our moral standards in life , all closely re-summarizing, reinforcing our worldview. Yea, life is good.

Back to the summit. Nothing wrong with wanting to stay in place at the top. But the sun does set, and it will get cold. Plus it’s gonna get mighty lonely. Go forth. Head down. Enjoy the fling. Teach and pass on what you’ve got. And by the way, it’s fun!

Come, Ski With Me!

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