Season Opener 15-16

Ob la di ob la da, life goes on … changing plans

The 15-16 ski season opened in Nashville. Nashville? As in “Tennessee”?  Yea! Plans are made to be changed, aren’t they? Originally I was going to head out west in the first week of December for my season opening. It was scheduled as the somewhat traditional “Boys Behaving Badly” tour. My sons, son-in-laws and 1st grandson – no girls – just the guys getting in shape for the season. Not a long trip. No big fancy resorts. Just a short trip, down and dirty, bumming about in a quick-hit manner.

As the autumn rolled out only my oldest son Erik in Nashville was available. He was using up some of his umpteen million frequent flier miles accumulated over years of business travel by treating his son Sawyer (age 6) to a ski trip in CO. It would be an inexpensive trip and an opportunity to connect with our Denver folks.

And all things unfolded as planned. The West was blessed with abundant snow dumps. The lift schedule rates still offered free skiing for children of Sawyer’s age. And I snatched up a super senior pass again this year at Monarch Mt. He would ski a long weekend extending from Dec. 10th, then fly home for Christmas and return by car with both kids on Dec 26th.

I planned to stay on and visit several never-ever areas in an effort to fill some buckets and spend Christmas Day with the Denver crew. We all could wander about between Christmas and New Year’s Day

The kink in the plans was not the lack of snow, but my lassitude and delay in completing my assignments at home. My prolonged installation of our replacement, metal roof left me deep in the dog house of my manly responsibilities.

My hometown weather was record breaking with several sunny days accompanied by mild temperatures. In Buffalo this is miraculous. The warmest December since record keeping began 142 years ago! It allowed me to work on the roof throughout the entire month, but precluded my original ski plans.

I did get some great work out of the way, but the roof reconstruction remains just shy of completion! But, I gotta get out west, Gotta hit the slopes!

Change of plans
So scratched out is the early season skiing. In stead, I “bagged up” on Christmas Eve and headed south to Tennessee. My duties now: celebrate the holiday, collect the BNA crew to drive together to Salida, base- town for Monarch. Mountain. (BNA is the airport code for Nashville.)

What an opportunity! I could train and test my grand kids for “wandering”. Their mother was obligated to her magnificent career at (the year end, She was OK (no, perhaps even pleased) to rid herself of her husband and “turf off” her antsy, home-bound children

Erik ‘s goal is to preclude a continuous state of mind-numbing “cybernation”. But I ask, “So what?” Let ‘m be, if it keeps them quiet “over the road.”. Pop in a CD or digital game and keep ‘m preoccupied.

Well by any means, I could lead the crew on a swing through the wild west tasting and sampling the various resorts of the Southwest mountain region. And now my Angelic grand daughter Rachel would join us! (Yes, pun intended as her mom’s name is “Angela”)

CEO’s stay true to form

My beloved wife, bound to her career commitment, was stuck at home. But I was granted permission to move out, especially (I am told) . “T0 ensure that the Nashville household would indeed make their semi-annual trip to church. (You know, “CEO” = Christmas and Easter only worshipers!)

Well I goofed again, I departed later than planned,  but had to break the ten hour solo journey with a power nap. So I arrived well past the Christmas Eve 4 PM service. yet Erik did faithfully fulfill his fatherly role as spiritual leader. (Again, pun intended.) He got the crew there 10 minutes early to take their reserved seats in the usual overflow area. (Which doubles down on as an excuse to skip Communion!)

The Holy day:

Christmas day was an exercise in spoilage. (Indulgence and material excess as opposed to decay and rotting of fruit.) The kids got all sorts of games and technological wonders, individual kayaks to enhance their days of sailing (or in my humble lifestyle, its more accurately termed  “yachting” ), and most importantly new ski equipment! It ‘s an interesting study ’cause as 6 and 8 year olds, Santa is now making “adjustable boots” for the feet of rapidly growing youngsters. (But that’s another story.)

Let the games begin!

So we prepared and packed up on Christmas Day setting out at 5 AM the day after to drive the 1,000+ miles in the new Infinity SUV; Yakima coffin atop, stuffed to capacity with ski equipment and winter clothes. Ironically enough the thermometer reads 60 degrees Fahrenheit at departure, and the weather app informs us it’s 9 degrees in Salida. Gotta figure it’s below zero at the Mountain.

Now I will see if the apple falls far from the tree. My son is pumped to “wander” by auto on an extended road trip to various ski resorts. As for me and my house, we will seek the snow. But will the grand kids find it as fun and exciting as the two prior generations? Time and distance will test and tell.

As if a Providential harbinger, on the oldies but goodies Sirius Satellite station, Dion with his famous Belmont backup croons out his 1960’s rendition of his classic “The Wanderer” Hmm, I wonder …

Let the 15-16 ski season begin from Nashville TN!

Come, ski with me!

Are we there yet? I have to go to the bathroom! Hey, are you awake enough to take a spell at the wheel?

NB: the ’15-16 season produced two excursions: [link to #1: Gone South] OR [link to #2: Opening Idaho]

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