West or East?

East” or “West?”, a question for the ages. And the answer is. “Go west young man …”, if you can.  Why do I favor the west?

  • As a child I always wanted to be a cowboy. My age precluded a” hormonal surge” so my crush on Dale Evens (Wife of Roy Rogers) had to be a surrogate “maternal love” phenomenon.
  • The elevation (differs from “vertical drop”) is higher, the bases are deeper. (More snow = more fun.)
  • The peaks on average are higher. (now it’s “vertical drop”) (More room = more fun)
  • The natural dumps can really dump! (Powder = better.)
  • Powder is gentler. (Older = gentler) (Common sense = best)
  • The vistas are majestic. I swear I can look further. You see more. (delusion = fantasy > my “reality”)
  • The snow is fluffier. No really! (Lower humidity = drier snow > More powder = more fun.)
  • The seasons tend to go longer. (More time = more fun.)
  • The resort/areas are generally larger. (More room = more variety)
  • The slopes I swear, tend to be steeper. (More speed = more fun) Er … more most .. well, some.
  • The sky is bluer. No really, the climate is drier, so there’s “more” sun. (More sun = more fun.)
  • The day-time temperatures tend to be moderate. (Warmer = more comfort > more fun)
  • Micro breweries blossomed in the Sierras. (More “suds” = ???)
  • The psychological atmosphere is more casual. (Lay back = less stress > more fun)

OK, OK! Everything is relative. Let’s be realistic:

  • I have a passion for powder so my stats are skewed. I’m an advocate, not an impartial reporter.
  • It’s a function of age. Older bodies crave softer snow.
  • Slower circulation necessitates warmer temperatures.
  • Now it’s a matter of preference, but in reality it’s often a function of feasibility.
    If you reside in the East, it takes time to go west.
    If you live in the East, it costs more to”Go West”.
    If you live in the East, there are advantages. If you are a new skier, you don’t know any better.
  • Eastern distances are shorter, areas closer; day-tripper thrive.. (distance + time > frequency)
  • Learn to ski ice, and you can ski everywhere; anything
  • Weather is fickle. Things can reverse. (Witness the ’14-15 season!)
  • If you live in the West
    You’ve gotta try the East.
    You’ve gotta learn how to “really” ski
    The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
    Depending on your residence, day-tripping could be a distant consideration.
  • Skiing is fun anywhere.

But wait, there’s more: You have thoughts and opinions, so stand up and be heard. Let’s hear from you. Share your knowledge as well. I want to ski with you.

Come, Ski With Me!


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