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Years of experience playing, researching, studying, discussing, teaching, traveling, skiing, and riding have filtered and refined my top picks. I’m not your average skier. So with my “picks” please factor in “who I am”. Listen, I fully realize my picks are a function of my experiences, desires, and quirks. Basically it’s all  about me.

My picks answer my questions when addressing travel decisions:

East or West? I guess the Mississippi is the unofficial boundary, but which region do you ski? Why?
GO WEST, if possible.

Hill or mountain?  I prefer FAMILY FRIENDLY AREAS … but …

  • Resorts: Let’s define them as: “one stop”:
    -Once there, there’s no cause to leave. You’ve got it all at your finger-tips.
    -They don’t have to be 1K, but most are. And those that are tend to be my picks.
  • Areas (slopes): Let’s call all these family-friendly as  “day-tripper”
    -We go; we enjoy; but we have to retreat at day’s end.
    -They have no base accommodations. You must find sleeping rooms elsewhere, off-site to then
    return again.
    -Some are 1K and a few are 1K plus more.
    -But most are local slopes less than 1k with little need of justification for high-speed lifts.

Equipment: Rent or buy? I OWN … but …

Equipment: Good stuff pays dividends; but what’s good for the goose might not work for the gander!

  •  Skis: Can’t live without ‘m FISCHER “Motive”
  •  Boots: More important than “looks”
  •  Gloves: warm hands > warm hearts
  •  Goggles: Now it’s clear
  •  Jacket: It’s a “wrap”
  •  Helmet: Hard hat or hard head?

Transportation & Travel: Ya gotta get there to enjoy it.

  • Means/Mode: I PREFER DRIVING … because
    Auto: is your own vehicle really the best?
    Air: At this moment in time, it’s Southwest all the way all the time.
    Train: Fun, WOW! But you’re gotta consider ….
  • Accommodations: Where there’s a room, there’s a rest I LIVE OUT OF MY TRUNK … but …
    Friends, relatives: Ya can’t compare, but … I have a “golden rule”! … “the power of 3”
    Bed & Breakfast: It’s more than “cost”
    House: Great for groups! Air B&B,  But….
    Condo: ditto above
    Hotel: If you pay more, expect more; It’s a complicated consideration…
    Motel: The only way for solo wandering; live “out of your trunk”
    Hostel: My pleasant experience in Monarch
  • Car rental: It’s Enterprise all the way, but …

Lift Tickets: Liftopia

Food: Hey, we may eat through our mouths, but we don’t have to pay through the nose!

  • Discounts: It’s basically a function of planning ahead.
  • Homemade tips and even recipes are encouraged!




After my picks; let’s hear from you!

So let’s hear from you. Express your picks and tell us why. In your report, kinda “define” yourself so readers can better evaluate your opinions, your choices, and your recommendations.

You’re free to comment at anytime about any “pick”, mine or those of other contributors. I’ll attempt to include any worthy, brief comments in a post. But be encouraged to complete a “form” entitled “Reader Pick”.  This process will prompt more information thus assisting you to spill out more helpful information, and it should result in a more thorough, helpful, beneficial recommendation useful to all. I’ll likely note all creditable forms as a new post and then they’ll be archived accordingly.

Express your preferences but consider the following topics and address them if possible:

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