SPONSORSHIP Opportunites

Sponsors are carefully selected to fit specific marketing programs that reach defined audiences in specific regions. Our sponsors participate in a “mixed-media”, multiphase, market/sales program unique to the recreational market!

The marketing program not only generates fresh leads. It then follows through to qualifies its newly mined contacts by repeatedly offering “opt-in” opportunities. And all this is precisely and promptly monitored through digital tracking.  What gets measured gets done, and what gets done gets improved. Tracking activity and results is crucial to effectively coaching and assessing the performance of our sales program.

Leads evolve into prospects who are then contacted in an automated campaign that develops and further qualifies the future skier/client.  Our campaigns are designed in coordination with our sponsors and leverage forward unique specialized sales development program.

When educated and qualified, the marketing end “hands off” the qualified prospects to pour unique sales team who personally works to customize a upscale, turnkey package through direct correspondence with the newly established client. Ski instruction is the most valued aspect of our program. Local knowledge is a close second that benefits the clients both on-the-ill and après s ski activities. The sales program success may encourage extension and application with our sponsors’ proprietary database of established patrons.

First-hand use and real-time experience are vital in our initial choice of sponsors as well as the entire secondary decision making process. We approach our sponsors because through our personal use and trial, we have found them to be our first choice – tops in their category among  all possible suppliers. We look to our sponsors as partners whose support allows us to exist survive and thrive. We will continue to provide our blog followers with information, opinions and entertainment.

Levels of sponsorship and support:

  • Gold Sponsorship: Top-Tier Partnership
  • Silver Contributing teammate
  • Bronze Supplier provider
    We profit when you -our sponsors – succeed. When and only if we profit, you  -our sponsors – profit


  • Affiliates: We work together to advance together. We’re on the same road, so let’s head in the same direction.
  • Basic cohorts and links, Help us help you  – our sponsors. We need and could use:
  1. Soft dollars
  2. Co-op support
    – referrals and recommendations for/to other suppliers & potential affiliates
    – testimonials of success
    – creative new ideas and/or suggestions
    – implement help & support
    – constructive critiques
    – marketing support
    – shared leads
  3. Professional tools
    – 2 way links
    – existing media products (e.g. graphics), tools (e.g. code), & resources (e.g. time slots to meet & review)
    – straight forward, no-nonsense reports and news feeds (with permission to review and/or edit)
  4. Incentives, bonuses, commissions or rewards or like recognition (when you -our sponsors – prosper, we await some “scraps”.)

We will provide:

  • Interested followers
  • New prospects
  • Qualified leads
  • Satisfied clients
  • News feeds
  • Tracking and analytical statistics
  • Useful, no-nonsense reviews

We will:

  • Assist in promoting you – our supplier: your product or your service
  • Affect the sale of resort/area products and services
  • Enhance the ski experience particularly by our commendable instruction
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Supply client feed-back
  • Forge customer loyalty
  • Nurture repeat sales


  • Reviews: embedded in our regular posts:
    (NOTE: This information is placed here as an example and does not imply that Loveland is a current sponsor.)ski

    • It was a snow-starved snow season out west. As the more to schedule our first day skiing Loveland, a local favorite and oft chosen area by our clan. Loveland’s elevation and location combined with opportunistic snow making practically guarantees good coverage. The season always runs late in the spring, often closing from lack of interest rather than snow. Loveland is always one of the first to open , often just as the trees are turning color in the lowlands. The terrain is expansive and varied.  Loveland is noted for off-piste areas for the young and energetic who are in shape for the requite hikes.  (NB: This is an except from a real post to the SkiWithMe.us blog. dated: 8/25/15)

  • News Feeds
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  • Interface examples
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    (Steve let’s brainstorm and apply our “mixed media, active events experiences & lessons)
  • Marketing lists:
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  • “Stand Up Promotions” or endorsements:
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  • Direct links:
    SkiWithMe to sponsor: (John help me here with 175+ resort/area database page)