NH/MN Circle Route

New Hampshire & Maine Circle Route 15-16
Scratching off 2 more states (plus several more “freshies”)

Recall if you will my method: circle routes about a hub metropolis; plan an New England and a western trip each year; then pray for snow

The White Mountains – I see them as the mountain range separating New Hampshire from Maine. Travel the western side for many the NH’s best, and loop down the eastern side of the range to capture most of ME’s slopes. All told, it’s a circle route that captures over numerous “freshies” (new 1K areas). Upon execution, I’ll cross off two more states from my bucket list count.

More precisely, NH has 12 distinct 1K mountains , but I’ve skied five to date. But there are other local areas. I really want to visit Dartmouth for 2 reasons: 1. It’s 988 feet of vertical (and I really appreciate their “no-fudge” honesty); plus 2. I love to visit college campuses (particularly those with their own “mountain”). Maine has six 1K mountains, and I have only skied one to date.

Boston is my “hub-city” and I hope to visit a couple Massachusetts areas along the way. And of course, there is a welcome home and a warm hearth in Boston … well technically Milton, MA. (Plus two grandchildren! … along with their parents, my daughter and son-in-law.)

One 1K is directly on the circle route. Wassachucetts, MA lists a vertical of exactly 1,000 feet. (Hmmm, my IPhone will be a witness, and believe me, I’ll let the world know the truth!)

There are eight other 1K’s easily accessible (3 in MA and 5 in NY) on my way to Boston. (I may get to one going and one returning, but there is no hurry as I take this road several times a year.) I lean toward doing the MA first, so I can knock the Bay State off my “States Bucket List”.

Smaller hills, re-visits and en routes could well take my visits to a much greater number. As usual money, time and unforseens can greatly alter and ,ultimately determine the outcome.

I’m hoping and expecting loved ones’ accompaniment somewhere and somehow. My daughter as a mother of two is sketchy at best, but I’m really looking to Mike, the father to bust out for a day or two.

And Denise, my “long-lost” cousin-in-law, is a daughter of an earlier Attitash “mover and shaker”, Ken Studley. I really want her to show me around Attitash and their sister resort, Wildcat.

And then there is my college roommate and fraternity brother Greg, himself an ardent ski aficionado. Greg has tucked himself away in his autumn years with his wife Loreen. Lori is also a friend and fellow life-guard [but that’s another story] friend of mine from days of yore. She actually introduced Greg to me. From that infamous moment, we went on to write our own book of college antics and fond memories!

I will schedule in a manner insuring we connect. It’s only a question of how many mountains Greg will choose to share with me. We still works a full schedule as a pilot with Net Jet.

This will be a great trip, a fantastic circle. It could be as many as fifteen in nineteen or so (15/19). But I’m “staying loose” and will report the final ratio promptly.

For now, I’m hoping and praying for good snow, like last season’s “East Coast dump”. But as stated before, I always have a Western “circle” mapped out and ready to unfold as an alternative or better yet an additional trip. The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”. I’ve gotta be in position to swing either way; to go where the snow is.

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