On the Road Again ’16

The ’15-16 Season in review:

Oh the 15-16 season! It left much to be desired, especially in the East. But we did make it through. At BSC we completed all eight week of our instructional and team programs, but just by the skin of out teeth. We owe so much to our maintenance team who tired valiantly made snow and pushed the piles here and there to cover the bare spots and washouts. We actually offered a bonus week to the regular program to encourage the first-year skiers to return again next season when hopefully we’ll get a normal of super year of skiing.

One thing I have observed over the years: If the East has a tough season, the west usually makes up for our needs. And that applies in reverse. So in this ’15-16  season, despite my earlier plans, I headed south (Yes, you heard that right, South!) and then west.  Eleven new areas, so my count is now 113 out of 178. I was able to cross thre states off my bucket list -those states in which I’ve skied every area over 1K or   1,000 feet of vertical drop: Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia (and almost )Utah. Most significantly I came to experience Idaho in-depth. (Yes, pun intended,)

Gone South

So my efforts involved two different trips. At the end of January, I went south when that region was recipient of a rare two foot snow dump. All was not fun and excitement. I attended a business seminar in Atlanta that overlapped two more of my passions: teaching and travel. Plus I stopped to visit with two of my kids and their families. Alternating days, I took down Sugar Mountain in NC, Wintergreen in VA, and Snowshoe in WV.

Annual Family Fling:

In March “the clan” returned to one of our favorites, Monarch Mountain, CO for our annual retreat. We were truly snowed out of Denver after a big snow dump on the frontal range, so we extended and extra three days. FUN! But, it delayed my “romping around” and coast my count a couple areas. Three areas closed for the season, not because of a lack of snow, but due to late season and general drop in interest.

Idaho Odyssey:

Powder Mountain and Beaver Mountain both outside of Ogden, UT was to allow me to close out the Beehive State, one of my favored ski states. Then, I did dig deeply into and come to love Idaho too. Idaho has a total of 11 areas. For this odyssey, I intended to cover the southern base , leaving the northern panhandle for another time. But three of my targeted 1K areas closed, prematurely in my opinion, due to decreased interest: Tamarack, Soldier Mountain, and Kelly Canyon.

All the areas I did get to visit has benefited from the same storm that required our extended stay in Salida a few  days earlier. All had received between 18-26 inches of new snow. But the powder was heavy and wet, and the ensuing days of warm, bright sun further increased the moisture content. Now I love the sun and the snow, but it did make for tiring – no make that exhaustive – days of intense skiing.

But I wouldn’t trade any of the days for a refund! Quite simply I’ll return another time on at least one more great quest.  I shall return to Idaho. And you should too. Follow each of my ’15-16 season trips: “Gone  South” and “Idaho Odyssey 1” or check the reviews for each of my eleven new 1K visits” in ’15-16.

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