Idaho Odyssey ’16

Original Intentions:

It wasn’t my original plan. But weather is always a factor. The Northeastern ’15-16 ski season was a disaster. I had to head west. However my teaching schedule was extended three weeks past the original closing. Then our family “reunion” in Monarch went an extra three days. Now that wasn’t bad at all, but it did use up three days from my Idaho days.

On the Road Again: Wyoming

After dropping the last of the family at DIA, I got a good night sleep at the Denver kids’ home base and headed west on Easter Sunday. First stop: Snowy Range, Wyoming. Yea, yea – it is not a 1K. But look: 1. They are honest in their reporting. 2. It was on right on the way to ID. 3. They just received two feet of powder. 4. I love skiing and will go anywhere. 4. It was Easter Sunday. 5. Utah was too far to go in one day. If I went straight through, I’d miss an entire day of skiing. 6. Lift tickets are free for super-seniors. Well I’m glad I stopped, but that’s another story.

Utah: Going, Going, but still …

Well, then there was Utah. I still had a couple areas around Ogden to ski before I could strike the beehive state off my list. Powder Mountain lived up to it’s name. Close to 30 ” of powder over 2 four day stretch made my day. It was tracked up a bit, and the warm temperature reduced the deep powder to a heavy challenge that literally kept you on edge and working the feet to the utmost. Powder Mt. actually has night skiing, a rare offering for large areas in the west. (see Powder Mt review). I said late but Thank the good Lord for daylight savings, as my return ride for th first several miles was complicated bt several inches of wet, slushy snow.

Beaver Mountain was a similar delight, but with the same conditions. (link to review) Oh, did I mention the steady snow that kept falling for these two days? I learned the hard way, I need new goggles! Both these areas are just a short ride out of the Ogden city limits. The Wasatch Mountains rise sharply at literally the city limits. The two areas follow a short but picturesque ride up the narrow Logan River canyon.

Had I been on my original schedule, a visit to Cherry Peak just a short distance from Beaver would have been in order. But alas, Cherry had closed the Saturday prior, not for lack of snow, but rather decrease in interest. So I still have that one low-hanging fruit still to pluck from the Utah tree.

Opening Idaho ’16

In a similar fashion, the Idaho ski areas were closing down. I had hoped to visit all but the “Northern Handle” resorts, but I will have to return another time as Tamarack, and Soldier Mountain, as all were closed for the season.

(This is the start of the string “Idaho Odyssey ’16, my 2nd ’15-16 excursion.)
[Link to next post en route of Odyssey ’16] k to my 1st excursion #1 of ’15-16: Gone South]


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