Parenting & Skiing

OK, how are the two related, “parenting” and “skiing”? Well, as we’ve advocated so heavily though this entire blog effort: They are a good fit because skiing brings the family together, and it’s fun for all.

  1. They combine fun and learning.
  2. Skiing puts “pleasure” in teaching.
  3. They unite responsibility with excitement.
  4. Basic rules are necessary, values are reinforced, ethics are instilled and morality infuse.
  5. The environment is central, and ecology lessons follow naturally. (Yes, pun intended.)
  6. The main focus, new view,  and level horizon are constantly changing.
  7. We can all go our own way and still meet at the bottom. And it’s really difficult to get lost. Plus the kids have to return to us if they want to eat. (And that is a constant!)
  8. The family that plays together stays together.
  9. Older generations can participate and keep up (to a degree) because we work with gravity and gravity is a constant.
  10. Friends, neighbors and relatives can be included and new relationships made.

OK, generally are nice, but let’s get specific. But, before that, let’s quote of all people, Grover Cleveland, a twice elected President of the U.S. the approaching turn of the earlier century: “The strength, the perpetuity, and the destiny of the nation rest upon our homes, established by the law of God, guarded by parental care, authority, and sanctified by parental love …. The mothers of our land, who rule the nation as they mold the character and guide the actions of their sons, live according to God’s Holy ordinances, and each, secure, and happy in the exclusive love of the father of her children, sheds the warm light of true womanhood, unperverted and unpolluted upon all within her pure and wholesome family circle.

Now, the specifics … (to be continued.)


Come, SkiWithMe.


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