Pick Your Own Concierge Coach

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Yes, your Concierge Coach is our local expert who proudly represents the mountain and knows the town from one end to the other, So contact your coach in advance to assist you with advice, suggestions and all aspects of preparation.

Your local concierge coach, will match goals with abilities to best understand personal objectives and set your specific agenda goals.  You work with your concierge coach to maximize your time and enhance your full ski experience.

Your coach might well be your instructor too! Or perhaps another instructor will be arranged to assure a better fit. But all instructors are PSIA, hand-picked by management for their industry knowledge, professional skills, local familiarity.

All our coaches have a long history of special training, solid success, and exceptional popularity.

For example:

  • Looking to learn and master the great sport from a “never/ever” learn-to-ski starting point? Look at our “3-n-Ski” program
  • Seeking to advance your fundamental skills? Choose your our personal coach 1-on-1 or with your whole family. The family that skis together can stay together, or advance at each member’s own pace.
  • A couple ski pals or small clique can concentrate on a focused clinic or simply explore the expert runs, glades and off-piste areas that others seldom even find or ever master.
  • Looking for a race specialists to edge out your competition in your local area’s

And just as important and equally valuable, you can work with your Concierge Coach to ask questions, make recommendations and plan in advance to maximize time and value.