Powder Mountain ’16

Powder Mountain is one of four ski areas tucked into the northwest corner of Utah, close to Idaho and Wyoming, but still in the Wasatch Range with all the dry powder of Utah.

Powder Mountain has huge potential capacity. The lift served area  is listed at as 2,800 acres. But addition areas bring the total to almost 7,000 acres. 1,200 acres serviced by their Powder Country Shuttle, 700 acres accessed via the Lightning Ridge Snowcat Ride,  the Backcountry Tour Area that has 3,000 acres serviced by the Snowcat Powder Safari and 1,000 acres are accessed by the DMI/Wolf Canyon Tours.

The mountain receives over 500 inches of natural snow each season to cover the consists of 144 marked  trails and two terrain parks. Powder Mountain illuminates select slopes for night skiing which supports school and adult week night programs that blossom out of the nearby Logan, UT.

My time at Powder Mountain was a challenge due to the persistent snow, The temperature cooled as I drove up the canyon. The steady rain that was washing Logan’s streets turned to a wet, mixed blend of precipitation until it turned to a steady decent of slush on the roads and a dense wet powder on the slopes. My ski clothes were quickly soaked through as the powder melted from my body heat.

I was granted a special rate by Terra who “manned” the ticket window and whom I coaxed into my picture to illustrate and promote the area. Terra was a  classic “ski bum”, who worked at the mountain to basically quench her thirst for quality skiing. I know the feeling well. She loves her Powder Mountain!

I can’t say it was an inspirational visit, but it was worth the trip up the canyon. I made several runs able to labor my turns un the deep, heavy stuff. Feeling I had earned to right to a quick one, I was disappointed to learn the two younger workers were under age and my state fiat could not sell me a beer. And the cozy lodge was too small to o obvious if I cracked one open from my secrete stash.

So I packed up my wet gear, loaded the car and proceeded to get stuck in the parking lot. Now I’m from Buffalo and have years of driving through this stuff. But my little Hyundai Elantra was just too low to push through the 12 or so inches of heavy crud. I rocked and rolled forward and back, inches progressively toward the slushy but paved road. Without even a request or plea from the cockpit, three young men appeared and graciously added their strength to propel the car forward to the freedom of the road.

On the way back, I passed three cars in the ditch. No one hurt, just chagrinned by their driving skills. All three appeared to be four wheel drive, It still amazes me that the drivers don’t understand four wheel refers to the drive system and has no effect on the braking ability.

A slow and cautious ride into town, a supply stop at Wal-Mar. a good shower, and I was soon deep asleep. It was a long day. I’m off to Beaver Mountain tomorrow. But I want to return to Powder for another go at it, perhaps even a cat run into the back country.

Come, SkiWithMe!

(This is 3rd “Idaho Odyssey 16” excursion, following my Gone South trip earlier in ’15- 16)
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