Right Mountain

Selecting the “Right Mountain” to SkiWithMe:

the “Right Mountain” is determined by your personal goals and communal objectives:

  • Is this a learning, training or developmental experience?
  • Is this a family affair or a romantic retreat, or a unique “buddy’s  adventure”?
  • Is this a wanderer’s escapade focused on your individual wants, and talents?
  • Is this a family memory maker?
  • Is the après as valued as the on-slope?

the “Right Mountain” decision addresses your time:

  • Is proximity a priority
  • How many days are set aside?
  • Is this a vacation, a weekend getaway, or a mid-week escape?
  • How close or how far do you want to explore?

the “Right Mountain” decision is a matter of value:

  • Is the experience or the cost of top priority?
  • Is the value of time more dear than the investment?

So, here’s your “Right Mountain” check list:

  • Select your preferred area
  • Talk directly with your local expert to plan and perfect before you go.
  • Work with your private coach and trainer in advance
  • Turn your exploration into a full family experience (And Be a hero!)
  • Introduce your family and friends to the sport in a way they will immediately, immensely enjoy.  They’ll be skiing the entire mountain before going home – assuring that they will return and you too will be back for more. The family that skis together, stays together. (When done right!)
  • Use your coach as a guide to the best “stash”, skirt the lines, maximize your day.
  • Use your coach’s knowledge to select the best equipment and likely save on your next purchase.
  • Make the most of your mountain experience: first tracks, day care, lunch, children’s activities, equipment, food, shopping, spa, dinners, evening entertainment, and nearby attractions.
  • Make the most of your après experience
  • Use your inside edge to stay atop the latest information, great offers and best snow for future adventures.
  • Be an insider. Help us evaluate and improve. Your ideas are someone else’s next bonus. Let’s go and grow together!

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