The score is now 103 to 176
103 area/resorts visited out of a totalof176 (or so)
The total count of all areas I’ve skied is (just for grins & giggles) 156 (this accounts all my experiences at smaller hills less than 1k as well as more distant resorts in Canada, Austria, and Germany)

Another page [Keeping Score] summarizes all the North American 1k areas. tracks my progress, provides some additional statistics of interest and  links to my specific reviews.

Areas Reviews: My dream only recently organized here leads me to categorize a life time of memories into distinct categories of past seasons:

  • ancient history: BC (Before Children) is essentially another century, distant memories before the defined vision & plan crystalized.
  • modern history: AD (After children Departed from home); basically this century;  My the vision is clear; the quest is on; I’m following the plan
  • last season: 14-15 NB: covers the fall of 14 plus the winter of 15; ski seasons (bridge two calendar years)
  • current season: Plans. progress and updates for 15-16

All my reviews are followed by the year I visited. EG: “Monarch 14” indicates the initial visit was in the year 2014. But more current information may be added at any time and labeled such as “Monarch 15 update“.

My Picks (or MVP’s: the most valuable players) are my recommendations to skiers and wanderers of like mind. I guess “It’s all about me” but hopefully my picks will be useful in your research and decisions too.