Keeping Score

At the end of the 15-16 ski season, the “score” stands at 113 visited out of the current count of 177. Forty-one of the fifty states  have skiable mountains, (now that’s another story), but only 26 of the lower 48 can boast 1K’s.

177 = the total number of 1K mountains (1,000 feet of vertical rise) in the lower 48 states with area/resorts. “Vertical” applies to the skiable, lift served slopes. “Elevation” is a geological term that applies the measurement or height above sea level.

227 = the total count of 1k’s for all North America when adding in Alaska and Canada. The spreadsheet posted here lists all 227 (Cherry Peak, UT will be added)  of the 1k mountain facilities open to the public for skiing.

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