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So if your favorite area is not a 1K – it does not rise 1,000 feet from its base – in theory I am excused from visiting it. But I love to ski and if I’m cruising by, you can figure I’ll stop. Especially at those areas that don’t fudge their vertical.

There a resorts/areas that list their verticals at exactly 1,000 feet.
Montage, PA                    1,000 feet
Elk Mountain, PA            1,000 feet
Butternut, MA                 1,000 feet
Wachusett, MA                1,000 feet
Timberline, WV                1,000 feet
Ski Granby, CO                1,000 feet

OK. Maybe there IS something psychologically significant about 1,000 feet. If not, why are there six areas that just “decided” to top off their lifts at 1K? Not 1,001 or 999 feet, but EXACTLY 1,000. that’s 3.3% of all the 1k’s. But it’s almost 50% of the areas reporting between 900 – 1,000 feet of vertical, and 60% of those checking in between 950-1,000 feet.

It amazes me how many areas list themselves at exactly 1,000 feet of vertical! I think they assumed no one would ever know the difference. But that was before all the amazing apps were designed for the common cell phone. If for no other reason, I intend to visit several areas to accurately gauge their exact vertical. And you can be correctly, I’ll keep you posted.

Just Short:

But then too there are those that several areas that are so honest that they report their verticals accurately and many fall just short of 1,000 feet. So here are some:

Dartmouth Ski Hill, NH     990 feet
Snowy Range, WY              969 feet
Nordic Way, UT                  960 feet
Greek Peak, NY                  958 feet
Ski Mystic, SD                     940 feet
Whitetail, PA                       935 feet
Anthony Lakes, OR            900 feet

(And there are more to be added.)

Mighty Mites:

Any then there are those areas, in fact the vast majority of ski areas that are well below the lofty 1K mark. But these are the areas that are the friendliest. They are the far more humble progenitors of the vast lot, the general corps of the ski industries – guys like you and me!

I’m arbitrarily defining or categorizing all area 800 feet or less in vertical as “Mighty Mites”.

We want to hear from, learn about, and list your local favorite. Please use the format form to teach and tell. I look forward to posting your information!

The Little Ski Hill: McCall, ID: just 3 miles northwest of town.

  • A T-bar gives alpine skiers access to 405 vertical feet of ski runs.
  • Located just 3 miles northwest of town, it’s the only ski area near McCall that offers night skiing.
  • Home to 7 Olympic athletes, including Corey Engen.
  • Night skiing!
  • Plenty of groomed trails for Nordic skiers.

Overview: Open since 1937, this small ski area just outside McCall does have a classic T-bar. Access to the alpine hill which has just over 400 feet of vertical terrain. Little Bear Basin facility provides 30 kilometers of groomed trails. Corey Engen, was an instructor here.

Brantling  Sodus (Rochester) NY  a small family owned and operated

  • Family friendly, instructional ski and snowboarding
  • 10 trails serviced by 5 surface lifts.
  • Night skiing on the entirety of their ski trail
  • Wood stove and fireplace, free Wi-Fi, snack bar and beer and wine bar
  • Home for Olympic star Diann Roffe Steinrotter

Honesty Pays: The Mighty Midgets

And then there are those areas, I’m gonna label: the Mighty Midgets. These are the ones less than 201 feet. I love their honesty. But then again what good would it do, how meaningful (or infuriating!) would it be, if they fudged the numbers and booked their books? The truth is: I want to ski them. I hope I have the time. I hope I find them all. I just know: I’ll love them!

Emery Park, NY : 62 feet  A “FUN” place to learn! T-bar, 3 runs It even has a lodge. Emery Park is part of the Erie County Park system, just south of Buffalo, NY. And it’s FREE! But it’s not to be found on many lists!

(to be continued … )
List your choices and suggestions in the comment field below. Thanks!

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