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New York New York, it’s a wonderful town: Broadway, Times Square; UN, Statue of Liberty, right? Well yea. but it’s aging airports are better viewed as gateways to the state with the most ski areas in the nation! WHAT? You’ve gotta be kidding! No. Really! There are 35 ski areas in the Empire State.

The Catskill mountains are a short but scenic ride out of the Big Apple. Four1k resorts are nestled in the range that are really part of the more readily recognized Appalachian chain. Across the Hudson Valley, lies Catamount, technically part of the Taconic mountains that separate NY from MA. It is a
!K, but partly in MA, some Mass-holes claim it’s theirs. Yea, right!

But the best stash is tucked in the Adirondacks, a for-ever wild set aside by the state which is actually the largest state park in the union. Whiteface is actually state owned, but thank-the-Lord, privately operated. It has hosted two Winter Olympics – 1942 and 1980. It sports the original of only two U.S. Olympic training centers. As such, it has every winter sport available in or near the picturesque town of Lake Placid. Whiteface has a vertical drop of 3,429 feet.

Another hidden secret of the Adirondacks is Gore Mountain. Titus Mt. West Mt and Hickory Ski Center (an incredible experience) add to the 1Kers count of NY. But wait … there’s more. Snow Ridge is a small area in the Tug Hill approach to the mountain lying in the lake effect snow belt off Lake Ontario that dumps natural snow all winter long dependent only on a strong, prevailing westerly wind. A special run at McCauley another local favorite ends across the street from the back door of the Town of Webb School in the quaint resort town of Old Forge,

One more Adirondack icon lies rusting, but still turning in the grave, Tupper MT. (Hence not tabulated in the total count) A cadre of concerned citizens is striving to reopen this local icon whose wood-slatted double chair lift carried my family and fond memories of prior ski adventures. We wish you all good luck and eventual success..

Now. here’s the embarrassing truth: Although it’s my home sate and I’ve lived here all my life, I’ve still not skied them all. That’s right., every area conceivably a day-trip by auto front my garage. (OK, OK, I,. like most guys use my garage to store junk, while my car sits out in the elements! All year. Through the Western NY winters!) So NY remains open, still waiting to be added to the “full-Bucket category. It’s like the shoeless waifs of the infamous cobbler.

The central region of the state has ice-sheet shaved hill tops and glacial gouged valley that teach a few 1Kwannbe areas that are still fun if not really challenging areas: Labrador, Greek Peak and Togganburg. A long way from any lake effect, the central NY areas have mastered the art of snow making. Their continued existence depends on it. Bristol MT caps the 1k count for a total of 10 in NY. Not shabby

And lastly Western New York adds several local areas and 1 major resort, Holiday Valley. Drawing from the metro hubs of Toronto, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, all about 2.5 hours commute, this 770 foot drop consistently rates in the top 50 best resorts by all three major ski magazines. It boasts wide, high speed lifts, masterful snow making, and fine grooming. The small town of Ellicotville as blended its historic Appalachian roots with modern condos to develop into a true, ski town whose festivals and special events like the summer rodeo and autumn Oktoberfest have successfully extended the tourism draw around the calendar year.

Several smaller hills and semi-private-clubs sustain locally beloved areas that thrive on the ever dependable lake-effort dumps,further aided with snow making.

NY, NY the state that liver sleeps .. during the ski season, Give it a try. Come. Ski With Me

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