Summit Co Treasures

Summit County Colorado is a treasure chest loaded with great ski areas: resorts – 1K ers (boasting 1 thousand feet + in vertical) and a couple neat little family spots (still over 1K). If seeking varity, ski the Summit, grab the gems and go for the CO gold.

Tops in my memory bank of Summit is our Jan ’89 week in Silverthorn’s staying at a luxuriuos home we dubbed the “Taj Mahal”. It was a multiple bedroom house overlooking Dillon Reservoir with multiple fireplaces, a huge, open kitchen, living room which went unused in favor of the family, game and indoor, hot-tube spa rooms, not to mention the indoor 3 car garage and th spectacular views.

We could not afford it save we shared it with multiple families. What an eclectic gathering. Single-parent households, dentist and additional medical professions, school teacher, scientist, philosopher and yes even a bovine excretion expert and ski-bum! There were so many people, we used every pull-out couch and had to take assigned times in the hot tub.

All families only distantly related by the tight ties of our ski-racing children. But not one single incident the entire stray. Great people everyone. And did we party? Well, yea, in between the skiing; all under one roof. And everyone skied. The kids remain Facebook friends to this day.

We didn’t have any actual races. We held no clinics. We simply free-skied in in the best of conditions, using mid-week to experience the n0-crowd factor. Many sampled the variety of areas. Some choose the reamin at the bi-name hoity-toity’s, but I fell everyone skied at least a few runs with every other participant.

I don’t recall eating out the entire time. We divvied up the meal times. Each adult was assigned one meal either breakfast or diner. We shopped at a grocery store on Colfax Ave right after landing at Stapleton and contracting our rental cars. Each person prepared their specialty. I drew one of the easiest slots: breakfast. My specialty French Toast – not you ordinary toast- my own; secrete ingredients, spices and flavors you wouldn’t combine in any chemical lab. And I boast, there were no slices remain; nor did anyone get sick! All took care of rising their own and placing their goods in the garbage and dishwasher. No muss; no fuss and minimal bother.

One other recall, please. We were all from Buffalo, so the pilot on our return flight obliged our group by piping the AFC playoff finale into the cabin. (Probably illegal under the old blackout or broadcast rules). It was a heat-breaker for we Bills fans. Jim Kelly methodically marched our team down field in the two-minute drill. Last play, he lobes a sure-pass to the wide open Ronnie Harmon in the end zone for the breath-taking victory!

No, wait Harmon dropped it. Game over. Bills didn’t make their first ever Super Bowl. Ronnie Harom was traded to San Diego next season where he caved out an admirable career despite of, should I say to spite us? But Thurmon Thomas his counter-part replacement, made the Hall of Fame and the Bills went on to a record setting, four consecutive Super Bowl loses. And just think about this, it could have been five! Hey, we’ll never know.

Ya gotta love the never-ending action, the diversity, excitement and fun. You’re gonna love ski groups. We all cherish this wonderful week in Summit county.

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