Skiable States

The majority of states have ski areas. Forty -one out of a total of fifty. But there a significant notes to many. Most notable for this blog are the 1k mountains, those areas open to the public which sport a vertical rise of 1,000 feet or more. Now the list narrows to twenty-seven. But Alaska is not one of the lower 48, so my list drops to twenty-six.

I have had the good fortune of skiing in all the 1K states of the lower 48.  I’ve actually been to Alaska and Hawaii even been  to their mountains, but alas, no snow when I was there.

What skiing in Hawaii???! Yup! It’s a function of elevation or altitude that overrides the heat of Hawaii’s near tropical longitude. Snow is not always present, and when it does accumulates, the skiers have to hike up. But skiing is a possible! when the snow arrives. I do count HI as one of the 41, but because there’s no resort, lift or lodge, it’s not part of my spreadsheet list.

A large region, the Midwest has several states with numerous ski areas, but none are 1k. That’s not to say they are not worth visits, they simply are not included in my bucket list. When driving to for from the Rockies, they are fun stops that can pleasantly break the long drive.  Margarite, a now a fulltime, retired resident in Sun Valley, Idaho whom I skied with in ’16 was raised in Michigan and admonished me for not stopping at the Midwest areas as I head west by car each year. At age 77, I do respect her opinion. I will stop one of these times and sooner than later!

So of all the states the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, my all the sates closest me home. I’ve only completed one. Pennsylvania has the second most total ski areas following NY. But there are only 5 1K areas. I made a great circle rout and hit them all in the winter of ’15 (’14-15season). I planned on finishing New England in the 15-16 season , but woe, no snow up north. The Southeast had a rare dump of 24″, so of all things, I have completed WV, VA, & NC.

Of the West, I’m proud to say I’ve completed all 17 of Colorado’s resorts. I only have 1 to visit in Utah, cherry Peak opened in ’15-16. Sandia is my “sore thumb” that keeps New Mexico open, and likewise SD & WY have only 1 more stop. But I have skied both of Arizona’s areas.  Tahoe has been thoroughly visited, but there are still 8 remaining in CA.

So the Pacific Northwest and Montana are the big holes I have to fill. And in beteewn there are still some ID areas I have to visit.

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