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Change of Plans: Magic Mountain review ’15
day 5 – 4th post of a circle route 10/9 in 14-15

We had skied 4 of 5 VT areas would we miss the 5th? We were using my car largely because John’s family’s Prius was totaled in a collision which, thank the Lord, no one was injured.

Thursday evening Shirra, wife of John called with good news: A difficult to find, hybrid Prius could be purchased in New Jersey. Like John, Shirra is proficient with computers and a whiz on the Internet. She is organized, thorough, and efficient. Having done due diligence in her car search, Sirra’s job was done. Now John must take the hand-off, ran the confirmation in person and consummate the sale if warranted.

Perfect! This was a meticulous play for restitution. The  priority of this play dwarfed our current game plan. John recognized it as  proper and timely. I concurred totally. Simple logic deemed John should return ASAP to execute his role as key-man, provider, defender of home and family. And we’d only scratch 1 day of skiing. No problem. The mountain will always be there. We could well use a day off following 10 full days of great exercise.

But wait! Let’s consider this: Rutland to Buffalo: 5.5 hours; 375 miles + Buffalo to Edison, NJ 6.4 Hours; 377 miles and double that to return totals 19.33 hours with 1,132 miles  AND two drivers: 1 with 2 drivers present, each required for both the Prius and the drive-down delivery vehicle. Rutland to NJ dealership: 3.5 hours; 275 miles then of course add the home leg for totals of 9.9 hours; 652 miles. It’s a no-brainer, but John didn’t want to presume or impose. Imposition, NO!  Premeditation? Manipulation? YES!

Feature this: We ski Magic Mountain as planned. We exit as scheduled, but grab a room in Saratoga, NY just 30 miles south of Hickory Ski Center, a classic mountain home to a sluice of the past; an anachronism suspended in time, frozen in the century past,: a small, difficult to reach, tougher to timely score because its all natural snow on this eastern side of the Adirondacks depends on the down-slope dehydrated westerly winds. But in this record 14/15 season, Hickory now had plenty of snow.

Hickory is only open on Saturdays and Sundays. Their loyal client base, their obsessed pass holders are like their snow and budget: circumspect and thin! I suspect employees are few and far in this back country cul-de-sac, rare gem of a mountain. So the dealership closes at 4:00 PM. We will ski from the opening, depart at high noon to arrive precisely at 3:11 PM. “Trust me John. It’s a promise.”

Me thinks John was not a believer. “Well I don’t know …” was the response.

“I’ve been doing this all my life, I do it for a living.” was my retort. AND finally , “It’s my car!” Case closed. We’re off. We checked out and closed our account at the inn. We owed nothing since we pre-paid to insure our great rate and we are both frugal spenders.

Magic Mountain review
Magic Mountain proved to be another classic Vermont area. A short drive from Rutland through the picturesque countryside. Convenient parking, no lines, clear skies, bright sunshine and plenty of snow. The mountain offer a special deal this day that might well top any professional courtesy we might beg, so we saves our pride, paid our price and totally enjoyed the day.

The staff even so polite and ever so helpful. We received a tour of the facility with valuable opinions and useful recommendation which supplied us an accurate overview and all by the pleasant young gal that “sold” us out passes. We introduce ourselves as employees of BSC until she had completed in introductory tour.

We performed the cursory sweep of the flanking round-abouts, the beginner and intermediates runs that traditions mark the boundaries of most areas. This blue/green exercise will always give a good feel of the facilities and accurately assess the “user-friendly” feasibility.

Then we plunged into the woods our young friend had well-reviewed for us. They were so extensive and plentiful that John and I were soonn separated. I love the woods. I’ll ski  ‘m when ever possible. But these were exceptional. Several ravines interlaced many dense copses of well-spaced hard woods. Groomed runs caught you at various points that allowed speed demons and cruisers a polite and alluring way out – rapidly meeting John’s search and needs. I did meet back up a bit later, and you guessed it{ at the watering hole. Well done, John.

Magic as  one of the last truly independent ski areas in the state. It’s different, it’s real, and it’s challenging, but most of all, it’s just plain fun thanks its dedicated band skiers and riders. The village Londonderry is home- base, but the lodge itself is and nicely appointed with a large open area for brown baggers plus a good-sized watering home whose menu listed food and spirits. There is an area that musical groups or any entertainer would find comfortable, and all provided with a nice view of the slopes.

If you have been following this Great Circle saga closely, you might recognize this Magic day as a Friday. One might expect the slopes to display a late morning wave of professionals who could well juggle their flexible hours to schedules a few runs on such a fine late winter afternoon. Not today. The slopes we all ours.  A large rally of snow machine enthusiasts were rallying at the base for what appeared to be a very large event and competition. The sleds were impressive and the crews were courteous and friendly. There was no interference with the skiers.  It looked like fun. Another cult of winter sports freaks out enjoying the weather, the conditions and Vermont in general!

Magic Mountain in the summer ’14 is currently in the throws of a sale. We are assured that the new ownership group is committed to not only a purchase of Magic but make a long-term investment in its infrastructure to improve the ski experience promising snowmaking and more fully operational lift system. Let’s trust!

The road to Magic is just another example why we take “the road less traveled”.  And our road trip was now extended. Another superb day down, but we’re now pointed to NY and of course NJ. First to ski the morning then wheel and deal for a used car! In New Jersey!

Come, Ski With Me!

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