East or West?

Eastern Skiing is a general, an all-inclusive, an unofficial field in the great study of Skiing. But from a 30,000 foot view (the cruising altitude of the East coast commercial flights), it’s a useful division that allows us to evaluate our ski needs, habits and desires. All of which aids in developing, supporting and enabling our habit of and incurable addiction to skiing/riding.

West or East” is the first decision in our tavel palnning process.

The East has its benefits that can’t be synthesized or replicated out West!  I love skiing Eastern resorts and areas. But what weight does my opinion carry? After all as I have said so often, “I’ll ski anywhere, anytime I’m able.” Now, let’s take a closer look at the facts:

Consider these unique Eastern attributes:

  • Short distances; The East is compact. The distances to and between areas allow the nifty “day trips”.
  • Snow making is an art. Modern equipment can make snow even when temps are above the flash-point – 32 degrees Fahrenheit ( 0 Celsius)
  • Streams are plentiful. Ponds and lakes abound. Yes, water IS required for snowmaking!
  • The grooming is an art. When ice is predominant, rooming is a requisite.
  • Night skiing is de rigueur, adding to hours, “extending the ski season and encouraging day-trip.
  • The plurality, ye realize the vast majority of our extended clan resides in the east. When I “trip-out”, they can often more conveniently join up.
  • Nor’easters and lake-effect storms, our frequent & appreciated snow bonuses, do abound.
  • I readily drive to the resorts. It saves time plus funds adding to flexibility and ease.
  • Ease of arrival maximizes powder days,
  • The sun does come out eventually. I LOVE “Blue-bird” days.
  • Eastern areas often embrace wonderful near-by, quaint villages, (An entirely additional subject!)
  • The “resorts” concept arose and matured back East. “Jet-setters” expanded the theme and process,  but many fine, first start-ups remain. Yes, they’re institutions that still draw westerners back east; back home; where it all began!
  • I’ll try to say this respectfully but truthfully: The East seems to have a more varied teaching system, a fuller youth program. The PSIA the highest and best of a standards across the nation, but the East just appears “inclusive” can be used what feels like larger after-school programs. Maybe the word “aggressive” applied in a good way, can describe the sizeable teams of age-groups racers and freestylers. “Creative” seems to fit the growing and expanding adaptive programs. Or perhaps this feeling I’m rambling on about and groping to put a handle on is simply a function of proximity. Maybe I’m too close and thus jaded or partial in my assessment. And maybe it’s because the smaller slopes are literally closer to their communities. When it is a matter of minutes versus hours, more people are going to come.
  • And the real gems of the East are these family-friendly, local ski areas mark the landscape.  Our back-yard slopes are still the crux and core of the national ski scene. I, being a “down-home-townie” declaring for all Eastern ski-folk, proudly proclaim: “Ski magnates, you NEED me!”

As for today, I’m skiing the East. Come, Ski With Me!

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