Addressing Accommodations

Finding a room for the night: Addressing accommodations

The famous “5S‘s) – Gotta sleep; Gotta snack; Gotta shower; Gotta shave; Gotta – shhhhhhh ….! (Keep it clean.)

And these needs are sought through my in accommodations.

But accommodations can take many forms. So lets take a look at the various possibilities:

On site accommodations offer the most for skiing. My dream, my choice, my preference is Ski-in/ski-out. It’s a condo or house slope-side which allows the skier, me or more significantly the family members egress and entrance from the lower level directly to a ski run that conveniently deposits one at a high speed quad at the central square of the ski resort.

Now even more desirable is a thermally heated driveway off a well-plowed road that links the in-door garage of the accommodation to the neat ski town center. A dream you ask? No such facilities do exist! I skied past several on more than one trip.

And yes, I have occasionally been blessed. For instance, there was the trip to the Stein Erikson lodge at Deer Valley in a prior century, yea … ancient history (but that’s another story). All-in-all these opportunities are rare in my life, and may not reoccur. But hey, you never know. And faith is the substance of things hoped for …

Rather than brag, list or boast about some other rare opportunities, let’s review the attibutes anyone would deem desirable in ski accommodations.

Deluxe: Housing
Housing with separate bedroom, kitchen and living areas. Especially for family vacations and group trips.
Kitchens? No, some say. But here is the tip: Each bedroom is reasonable for a meal or meals if multiple days are involved. Preparation and presentation can be fun, especially when its defined and limited. And the cost savings are significant. Individual responsibility when it comes to clean up and general maintenance is common sense, but critical to harmony and comfort. It can be a pleasant experience.
A wood burning or gas feed fireplace. You can’t eat the warm sociability and romance of a wood burner, but they do require preparation and attention. Plus they do fizzle out only to restarted each day

And B&B (Bed & Breakfast) accommodations can be deluxe!

Desirable hotel features
Accommodations that include a breakfast can not be overvalued.
Hot tubs are very useful and the older you get the more you appreciate them.
Wi-Fi is vital, especially for the younger skiers.
A refrigerator and microwave

Advantageous features
A variety of activites and common areas such as a computer room, library, fireplace exercise room or business center.
A local owner or knowledge clerk
A separate sleeping room and small kitchen or at least a refrigerator.

Basic: A hostel may sound intrepid, but it can also provide pleasant and fun

OK, its very basic, sharing accommodations. but the camaraderie can be informative, educational and interesting. I have met and enjoyed ski pals for a day or two, even sharing rides and discounts.
Now I’ve never used them, but many hostels have private rooms for families.

And bunk rooms are great for youth groups, especially when the kitchen is available for your use. And as a chaperone, believe it or not bunk rooms are the safest insurance against unauthorized “visits”

Survival (1 man) tips: (A wanderer’s notes)
Laugh if you want, but when I’m on my own, I prefer a motal (as in a “motor hotel” withj outside entrances to which I back up to, placing the trunk of my car just steops from my door. Freezing liquid concerns aside, I minimize my steps and work. Yes, I try to live out of my trunk. But note, always bring your boots inside. Open them up let them air out but most importantly stay warm I place then as close tto the heating unit as possible.”



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