Terry Peak

Terry Peak, South Dakota is located in the Black Hills, more technically a mountain range on the western edge of the sate. It is the only 1K in the Midwest region of the U.S. Granted regions are unofficially grouping and may view South Dakota as a western rather than Midwestern state.

I haven’t visited the area and it’s somewhat isolated, yet should I drive out to the Rockies, it could make a fun stop on the way west. Mystic is a neighboring competitor which falls just short of 1K coming in at 940 feet of vertical. Hey why not visit if I’m that close? It’s all a matter of time.

Onthesnow.com describes Terry: “Terry Peak is set on 450 acres of skiable terrain in the beautiful northern Black Hills of South Dakota. Its summit elevation is 7,050 feet and has a vertical drop of 1,100 feet, making it the biggest ski area in the heartland. Five chairlifts, including three high-speed quads, serve the facility with 20 miles of trails for all ability levels. An average annual snowfall of 150 inches, plus top-notch snowmaking over 60 percent of the mountain, insure great surface conditions throughout the season. The Holy Terror Half-Pipe, KSNO Radio (Terry Peak’s own radion station), and a beginner chairlift for lessons only, are additional ammenities to this full-service area.”

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