Season Planning 15-16

The ’15-16 Season Is On!

It’s been awhile. It’s been a wait. But it’s finally here: the 2015-16 ski season. Well, at least in the West. Due to El Nina, the East is in need, and patience is a virtue. But it’s a different story in the west. Decent early snows have arrived!

Responsibility necessities accountability. Actions (or lack of) have consequences

Consider this: my local ski “home” is the Buffalo Ski Club where they still allow me to hang around and assist with coaching and instruction. “Coaching” the X-treme Team and teaching the home schoolers, the Walden Schoolers, and the Community Education program (and maybe a few “privates”). All of which begin on Saturday January 2nd.

I don’t want to miss any of this season, largely due to the possibilities least I be told, “Get lost.”

A new freedom is found (not earned)

My wife Carolyn has used up most of her vacation days visiting and assisting the Milton MA brach of the family especially with the arrival of Harper; our 8th grandchild. Secondly The Nashville branch had planned a “boys behaving badly” weekend in CO for an early season warm up. Now this may not come about as planned, but it allowed me permission to “take off without the customary grief I deserve for abandoning the homestead when the greatest threat of the infamous “lake-effect” storm season ominously darkens the skies of Western New York.

And I’ve NOT even dented the “honey, DO” list some of whose chores might be best categorized as “basic to survival”!

So I’ll hone my plans

I’ve purchased my season pass at Monarch Mountain which opened on schedule with the customary dumps of natural snow it so justly deserves (striding high on the crest of the continental divide). So I have the OK to. “head west, old man, Head west!” I’m gonna drive and if the flakes fall, Ill stop at Terry Peak in the Black Hills of SD, plus a couple of WY Frontal Range areas.

If the Nashville boys “fink out” on our “behaving badly” weekend, I’ll have time to pick up the last remaining “freshies” in Utah and a couple more of the WY areas. Wouldn’t it be great if I can cross off UT & WY in this circle route?

Nashville with definitely arrive in CO on the 26 0f Dec after celebrating Christmas as all families do, at home. By the grace I’ve not earned, I can share this special day with my Denver Branch. Carolyn has granted me dispensation for the absence at her side of the Christmas eve celebration while all my in-laws are relieved “Crazy” Uncle Gary won’t be there. Hmmm, just a warning guys: I’ll likely return for next year!

I’ll pick up the BNA kids sans their mother Angela who must fulfill her responsibilities to her employer that deems her skills indispensable at year end. In other words, she has to stay home to work! Then its off to our new favorite resort, Monarch Mountain. Their Dad, my oldest son, has showered season passes upon them as a generous Christmas present and his beneficence overflows upon me. I get to ski with them. (Wow, does my dear Dad in heaven see this?)

Back to reality

On the 30th or 31st as the conditions dictate, two cars will point back east. One will dart back to Tennessee. The second will limp back to Buffalo in hopes the driver survives yet one more season. And I promise to keep you posted.

Here’s wishing you the best of the holiday season and the most spectacular New (ski) Year!

Come, Ski With Me!





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