The SkiWithMe Overview

The SkiWithMe System is a comprehensive program that bolsters the Outdoor Sports industry and strengthens the Mountain Resort business through a unique Customer Relation Management package.

Lead Generation

  1. Digital marketing
  2. Events
  3. Print and other traditional advertising
    Learn more about SWM lead generation

Prospect nurturing and development

  1. Tools for tracking
  2. Tolls for booking
  3. Training
  4. Support
    Learn more about SWM sales development

Client Satisfaction

  1. Professional development with seasonal clinics
  2. Instuctional training and in cooperation with PSIA
  3. SWM support
    Learn more about SWM client satisfaction

Customer Retention is a function of customer conversion

  1. Tools for continued correspondence and promotion
  2. Training and support
    Learn more about SWM repeat business

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