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Area reviews: A summary: go to [spread sheet] or star at “Scorebook” on the top menu & drill down through “Area/Resort Reviews”.

RE: Area Reviews:

I’ve been around, but not far enough and not often enough. So many of my reviews are ancient history. Additionally the accuracy of memory is inversely proportional to time. In other words … the older you get, the better the pleasure of the thoughts (memories), but the more skewed, I’m sure.  (To we of faith, our “selective memories” are a gift from the “Great Recorder”!)

Hopefully my reviews are somewhat informative, but take ‘m with a grain of salt (and maybe a glass of grape juice or a pint of craft-brew). And note carefully the dates or at least the time frame or the era.  (Some of my “reviews” are on slopes that are actually closed and out of business!)

I’ve summarized my reviews as best I can. I continue to make new visits and attempt to resurrect past trips, visits and memories.  But please add to this work but reviewing your results and sharing your opinions as well as conclusions.

My project, my goal, and my life as a whole, are works in progress.  I hope I effectively add to yours.

I’m looking for AND expecting contributions and additional input! Please help. [Area Review Form]

Ahhh … I’m in the process … I’m thinking it’ll be effective if there is a spreadsheet with hyperlinks to the sundry reviews, extant as well as “to be” … all to effect ease of use. TBA: It’ll take a while.

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