Utah Tales Synopsis

Utahan Tales: My Take-Aways  – “Gettin’ Serious”
(Part 7 (the last) of 7 part series: Utahan Tales a 5/5 frolic in Utah:  ’11-12 ski season)

So what did I learn from this Utah trip?

  • I love Utah snow.
  • This whole “Ski-1k” thing can work, but I’ve gotta get goin’ and get serious.
  • There must be some organization to my dreams and plans.
  • Each ski trip of several days duration should include all the other “close- by” 1K’s.
  • These trips could follow a “hub n spoke pattern” or a “great circle route“.
  • Bob declared he will not accompany me on future ski wanderer trips (or until we complete the Lake Powell house-boat excursion, that is.)
  • Not everyone is a wanderer.
  • OK. I’m gettin’ serious about this bucket list “Ski 1K” or “SkiWithMe” thing. I’m gettin’ organized. I’m gonna do it.
  • Come. SkiWithMe!
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This is my buddy, Bob. He is one of my supporters in my crazy  vision, “SkiWithMe”and my ambitious quest to Ski 1K. Bob is the guy in the “drivers seat”.  I learned on this Utahan Tales adventure, that Bob is not designed to be a wanderer. But he is a sympathetic friend and puts up with – no wait: dare I say, “even backs” – my antics. Bob’s wife Jane, “gave” this trip to Utah as a Christmas present to get him out of the house for a while.

Yours truly is the geek on in the back seat with the can of liquid refreshment in hand. Note the BSC patch sewn on my left arm. It was sewn over a tear on my wind breaker incurred while skiing the trees.

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