Wintergreen Review ’16

Wintergreen, Virginia – one of (and well neigh the most impressive) of two Virginia 1k ski slopes. Yes, skiing in the southeast. Who’da thunk it?

I have skied VA in the past. I had a great time at Massanutten with two of the grandchildren, both southerners fro the Richmond area. But I couldn’t afford the time to visit Wintergreen – Visit, that is when they had snow, because we did stop there in the fall of another year, but as might be expected, there was no snow.

But now, following the “big dump” in January of ’16, things were improved. Working my way north fron NC, I arrive midday at the resort. I do stress this is a resort. A fine facility with plenty od slope-dide condo’s, but just as impressively surrounding private homes, and conference facilities that would satiate the most finicky of political America. (After all, their largest market is the “emerald city of Oz”, our nation’s capital, Washington, DC).

After motoring into the planned community, I made my way past the conference center and to the guest relations building. I introduced myself to the marketing people , an informal collection of down-to-earth guys.  Being a professional, they extended me a great rate and blessed me as they pointed me on the way.

What a great day! The sun was high in the sky, the ample snow was soft and wet – perfect spring conditions, and the quad chairs were humming. No lines, no crowds and plenty of moguls. Sure, most of the slopes were well groomed, but the longest run was left untouched. I did observe the few skiers on this run were patrol. instructors, employees and a few crazy college students here on their for their break.

I skied myself to the point of pain, but they were “my kind” of bumps. As somewhat forgiving pitch, well-spaced (obviously formed by adults, not kids!), and soft, almost slushy spring corn snow. In in addition, they were actually some trees, but with the melting conditions, I avoided the copse concerned about the patches of brown snow that were becoming prominent where the snow maker nozzles had no effect.

On my last run , I shared the ride uo with a lift attendant off for the afternoon and enjoying the fine day. In chatting, I learned he was residing in a friends condo unit. And several of these units were up for sal, for the weak winter conditions were exerting deleterious result for rentals. He added the prices were ‘right” in  this stressed season. I took his name and number, Hey! You never know. My oldest daughter resides only 1 7 1/2 hours away.

It was a very easy drive, largely by interstate to arrive at the kid’s home in Midlothian, a pleasant suburb of Richmond. Ah, what a relaxing stop. It rained steady for the next two days, so I laid over for both nights awaiting my opportunity to continue north for a visit to Snowshoe, WV.

Come, SkiWithMe.


(This post is part of the string starting with “[Gone South] that includes visits to Sugar Mountain, NC and Snowshoe,  WV.
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