Your Instruction

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Instruction is the core of the SkiWithMe program. As you and your family and friends move up in your skills, you elevate in your total mountain experience. And at times it seems, your entire lifestyle advances. Your personal instructor will contact you to discuss your visit or vacation.

  • Affirm your slope-side level of skills
  • Understand your mountain goals and area objectives
  • Arrange your accommodations
  • Assess your equipment and arrange as needed
  • Obtain insights from local experts to save significant time, reduce stress and enhance value
  • Receive fresh ideas and creative suggestions to best adapt to the immediate conditions throughout your stay

And SkiWithMe, in cooperation with the resort management, will intercede if needed and when able to assure satisfaction. But chances are high you’ll be well served by your concierge coach to forge develop long term relationships that encourage your return.

It’s almost a metaphysical thing. Alpine skiing and boarding (riding) are a personal growth in nature, and the coattail effects can be monumental in your life experience. It can be a memory-maker experience that takes you and those around you to new experiences and new places. The family that ski (and rides) together stays together.  Exercise, recreate, laugh and move forward establishing goals, meeting objectives, mastering skills – all together.  Life is meant to be experienced with others.

Life is better together, and it’s build more solidly around better instruction, guidance, coaching, and modeling.